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  • What’s real

    What’s real, Is it what we see or feel, Or is it that so many people dying from illegal drugs and prescription pills, We so worried about war over seas what about the war we’re fighting on our own field, Homelessness, racism, police brutality, war, hate, politics and government, How do you think this feels,…

  • To the woman who made me a better me.

    To the woman who made me a better me, You loved and sheltered me, Like the soil does a seed, Forgive me for my mistakes I know I’ve hurt you like insects and weeds, You were my sunshine, The way you shined your light on me makes me want to succeed, You’re my loving flower,…

  • The three objects I couldn’t live without are.

    What are three objects you couldn’t live without? God my daughter and food

  • I look to the sky

    I look to the sky, Life ain’t going to be perfect you have your ups with your downs like a rollercoaster, But do your best to enjoy the ride, I know I’m not perfect thank God you look at the heart, Cause even when my actions don’t show it, In my heart I try, I…

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  • Why not love

    Why not love We’ve tried hate, Look at the message it illustrates, Instead of anger, Why can’t we try to communicate, Between war violence racism and anger I’m wondering where is the love, That’s what I want to investigate, Love peace and unity is something I wish I could negotiate, To make this a better…

  • Five things I do for fun

    List five things you do for fun. Five things I do for fun are spend time with my daughter, play pool, write poetry, read and post on my website and podcast.

  • My connect to stripe in case anyone wants to support

  • What makes a good leader?

    What makes a good leader? A good leader should have good communication skills, be a good listener and have good problem solving skills, also they should stand by there word and live like they expect others too if not better. They should live by example