If you believe

If you believe,

There’s no measure to the things you can achieve,

First in God, then yourself and everything you’ve hoped for you’ll receive,

The best things in life are hard to come by. That’s a lesson that’s hard to conceive,

With faith in God, there’s nothing lost that can’t be retrieved,

When you give your problems and your stress to God, there’s a sense of relief,

Let go of the hurt and the worry, heartache let it leave,

Don’t let the devil and people try to deceive,

I know it’s hard to see God’s plan when you’re trying not to grieve,

Doing all you can to chase your dreams,

Hold on, God’s going to make all your dreams come true if you just believe,

2 responses to “If you believe”

  1. Beautiful truth! And I love inspirational poetry!! God Bless, Jay!!!

    1. Thanks and God bless

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