When I’m lost and feel alone.

When I’m lost and feel alone,

You always show me the way home,

You remove the bad like naps to a comb,

You created everything about me when I was born,

And you even stretched my bones now that I’m grown,

I know you know what’s right for me,

Even though at times I might moan,

I love you, and I love the fact I can call you my own,

With you, there are gifts and blessings, never a loan,

What you called to be will be,

Your will won’t be postponed,

God you stay with me like expensive cologne,

So when I’m lost and feel alone,

I’ll look to you cause I know the next message I get won’t come from the phone,

It will come from you and your throne,

2 responses to “When I’m lost and feel alone.”

  1. And I love the fact that He calls us his own! We’re never alone 🙂

    1. Thanks and so true

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