A message to my babies

To my daughter Nori and to the one soon to be,

As long as I’m here, I promise to adore you,

To my daughter even tho you’re now two,

I want you to know friends can also be enemies, so watch who you stay true to,

Always watch your surroundings and love those who love you,

And pray for those who may try to hurt you,

Cause you won’t know it now, but pain is a part of life,

So don’t dwell on your mistakes. Learn from what you go thru,

And to the one on the way, let me tell you something about the world you’re about to enter into,

The sky and the water are blue,

Love is scarce, and friends are rare,

Life is what you make it, but one thing it isn’t is fair,

If you want something out of life, you have to be prepared,

Someone used to tell me that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,

I want y’all to be better than me and hopefully never see jail,

I can’t wait to see you and see what y’all grow to be weather y’all want to graduate from Yale,

Whatever y’all decide know that I love y’all and I’ll always be here untill my final day when my skin goes pail,

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