Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes,

So much goes on beyond what our eyes can see,

Like how this is supposed to be a country united,

More like a country divided,

They say the truth will come to the light,

So why hide it,

Like the lottery eventually the numbers will come out,

But you can’t win if you don’t have a ticket,

And at times it can get so bad you don’t know how to grip it,

What we have to do is look up,

To the one who can fix it,

The one who can change your life from wicked,

To splendid,

Stop looking from behind the scenes,

And open your eyes and see life as it is in full screen,

And if you want something out of it your going to have to fight till the end,

Possibly without a friend,

Not true cause what a friend we have in God who doesn’t lie or pretend,

The only thing he wants is for us to win,

And if we see someone down don’t be afraid to lend,

A helping hand,

We see what life looks like when we live our way,

So let’s live life the way God intended,

And hopefully we can set a new trend,

Before it’s to late and life as we know it comes to a end,

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