Life ain’t fair

Life’s a challenge, something like a dare,
There are so many thoughts in my mind that I can’t see clear,
I got to face my fears,
Stand up to my adversities and climb those stairs,
To success is a hard lesson learned, but life ain’t fair,
You only get one. You don’t have a pair,
People can be worrisome like the lint in your hair,
Motivation is key, so like a car, I have to get it in gear,
I’m getting older, not younger, plus it’s about to be a new year,
I’ve seen my share of pain as a youngster, so I’ve cried my tears,
Life’s a mystery, something like the air,
But like I said, life ain’t fair,
True friends are rare,
The world is going crazy I swear,
Seems like the more you do for people, the less they care,
Don’t get jealous cause I can have what you have. There’s no need to stare,
People in higher tax brackets pay less taxes than people on welfare,
It is what it is cause, like I said, life ain’t fair,

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