Stop looking in the rear view


Stop looking in the rear view,

Stop seeing what’s behind you,

Or where you are see where God wants you,

He knows our story and what we have

been through,

I know sometimes it’s easier to stay where you feel comfortable than try something new,

The past can have you turning like a screw,

Or all sad and blue,

God’s way is true,

When you follow him, he brings you comfort like a good shoe,

When you’re lost and don’t know what to do,

Let God guide you he’ll show you what to pursue,

Life up to know was only a preview,

Keep the faith, and keep looking forward and wait for your debut,

It might seem like God has withdrew,

That thought is untrue,

He’s already to the rescue,

God, I thank you for being bigger than any issue,

Thank you for every day cause that’s another day for me to continue,

Down the Avenue,

That leads me back to you,

2 responses to “Stop looking in the rear view”

  1. Midian Poet – Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště , Česká republika. – Midian News, poezie,Ty.

    Thats the start of the new day ! /Here in Czech :)/ Thanks Jay

    1. jayslove1 – Norfolk VA – A man growing into what God intended for him to be

      You’re welcome. Thanks be to God

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