I look to the sky


I look to the sky,

Life ain’t going to be perfect you have your ups with your downs like a rollercoaster,

But do your best to enjoy the ride,

I know I’m not perfect thank God you look at the heart,

Cause even when my actions don’t show it,

In my heart I try,

I look to you and put my own thoughts and feelings to the side,

For when I’m in your hands I know I’m fine,

Nothing’s impossible for you -and you always provide,

So when I pray I wait for your reply,

Your will is perfect so in you will I rely,

If you lead me in your will I will comply,

I look to the sky,

Cause I know with you I can fly,

With you it’s living life it’s not just getting by,

I look to the sky,

And I look to you to become the best me before I die,

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